Patti Holt

I obtained a nursing degree from Emory University and practiced as a nurse for several years in the fields of pediatrics, emergency care, cardiology, infertility and hospice care.  Although I enjoyed being a nurse, I became interested in law, and worked my way through law school at UNC Chapel Hill, attending classes by day and working evening and night shifts in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at UNC Hospital.  Upon graduating, I began my career with the defense firm of Yates, McLamb and Weyher in Raleigh and later started my own litigation practice. I enjoyed working as a trial attorney and medical-legal consultant throughout the state of North Carolina for almost twenty years before my family moved to California. There I developed a stronger interest in alternative dispute resolution, concentrating on issues involving children and families.  One of the most rewarding roles I’ve had as a mediator was through a pilot Victim/Offender program at a juvenile detention center near San Francisco, California.  There, if both parties were willing, we employed mediation as a means to help both the offender and their victims come to terms with the crime, and obtain closure, restitution, forgiveness and many times, a new beginning.

I am very  happy to have returned home to North Carolina where I now practice Family Law, again limiting my practice to Collaborative Law, Mediation and Parent Coordination in order to help my clients find better solutions that work to the mutual benefit of individuals, couples and family members.  I would be happy to talk with you at anytime, and offer evening appointment hours.

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