Divorce doesn't
have to be destructive

Why Collaborative Law?

Choosing the process for your divorce is a very significant step in your decision. The Collaborative Divorce Process is the option that provides legal help in resolving difficult and emotionally charged conflicts without going to court. Collaborative divorce is designed to result in legally enforceable marital settlement agreements. With the help of attorneys, the parties learn how to effectively communicate to determine mutually agreed upon resolutions to separation, whether it be financial or custody based. Collaborative divorce enhances and encourages divorcing couples to be effective, loving co-parents and reduces the stress of divorce on children. In addition, Collaborative divorce helps maintain relationships with extended families and social networks, and allows for a dignified end to a marriage.  The Collaborative Divorce Process is typically a less costly alternative to court-annexed divorce mediation or litigation and is a sophisticated form of settlement. Collaborative embodies divorce without destruction to make a difference for the families of North Carolina.

The North Carolina Collaborative Attorney Network (NC-CAN) was established to create awareness and increase understanding of the Collaborative Divorce Process so that North Carolinians can make informed decisions about their divorce options and can find experienced professionals to guide them through the legal divorce process.

“Thank you for all your help through this. It was a very smooth process and as it relates to the girls it has helped them transition to a new normal in a healthy and stable way.” - Tim

“I am a huge advocate of collaborative divorce . . . I am positive that it is why our life after divorce has gone so well. We are still a family. Our family just looks very different now. What you gave to us is priceless.” - Audrey

“I continue to feel so thankful to you and the collaborative approach for leading me through this process with as little fall out as possible. Lou and I continue to be on good terms and will be sitting together and "giving our daughter away" together this upcoming Saturday at her wedding due in large part to you and the collaborative process.” - Katherine

“This was one of the most difficult things I have ever gone through and I know it was extremely difficult for [my former wife] too. I am hoping going through the Collaborative process will give us a better chance at as good of a relationship as possible for the sake of the children.” - Harris

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We are a non-profit entity and welcome your tax-deductible donations.  Our purpose is to educate the public with respect to the option of using the collaborative process as a more peaceful, private, economical and non-judicial means of dissolving a marriage while keeping family relationships intact.