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When most people think of divorce, especially a divorce where the couple has children and property, they think of bitter disputes, courtroom battles, and a definite winner and loser. However, divorce doesn’t have to be a painful or traumatic experience, and more and more people are realizing that they don’t want their spouse to “lose” in order for them to “win.” Instead, they’d rather separate in a dignified, mutually beneficially manner. 

Fortunately, a collaborative divorce lawyer can work with you to help you achieve this outcome, so you can move forward with confidence into your future.

Understanding the Role of a Collaborative Divorce Lawyer

A collaborative divorce is a fairly new concept in family law designed for couples who have multiple issues that need settled, but neither want a lengthy, antagonistic court battle. Instead, each party hires their own collaborative divorce attorney who provides counsel and helps to set expectations before negotiations, who will then offer guidance and help mediate the meetings with the spouse and his or her own lawyer. Before this process begin, all four parties sign an agreement which states that should the collaboration not succeed, the attorneys will withdraw and new lawyers while be hired to move the case into litigation.

Collaborative divorce lawyers are specially trained to help their clients come to satisfying agreements regarding issues like property division, child custody, spousal and child support, and other issues. They use more of a problem-solving approach so that both parties are happy with the outcome. Often, they have resources that can help couples work together to create the best possible outcome, including: 

  • Financial advisors to help both parties fairly separate finances, including assets, such as bank accounts and retirement accounts, and liabilities, like tax issues.
  • Child behavior experts who can guide parents in how to work out custody and create environments that are healthy and happy for their children.
  • Real estate agents to help determine the value of property and offer unbiased advice.

The Benefits of a Collaborative Divorce Attorney

There are multiple benefits to choosing collaboration over litigation. For most couples, the biggest benefit is that it is less stressful for the family. Having collaborative attorneys to help mediate and negotiate leads to a more amicable, healthy outcome that is fair for both parties where the people involved are making decisions, not leaving fate up to a judge. 

Additionally, working with a collaborative law firm is far less time consuming and expensive. Standard divorces involve court dates which take longer and cost more. By allowing the couple to meet when it benefits them, they can save time and reduce lawyer fees significantly. 

Finding a Collaborative Divorce Law Firm

To practice in this capacity requires special training in mediation along with a dedication to providing an alternative to litigation. Currently, there is one collaborative family law attorney in Greenville:

  • Ashley-Nicole Russell with the Law Offices of Ashley-Nicole Russell, PA

Determining if a Collaborative Divorce Lawyer is Right for You

Collaborative divorce is not for everyone. While most couples, individually, would like an amicable separation and divorce, this is only possible if both parties are willing to work together to make this a reality. It’s important to be honest and realistic about your situation. For example, if neither spouse is willing to compromise on certain issues, such as child support or custody, a collaborative family law attorney may not be able to help you reach an agreement. Instead, having a judge make the final say may be best in this situation. 

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