Ode to the Collaborative Divorce Process

As a daughter, I have forgiven, processed and mourned the loss of my foundation, my relationship with my father, my family as I knew it, my childhood home, my support system, and everything else that was destroyed during the divorce. I have forgiven my father, but as a daughter, the void in my heart remains.

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Our 10 Favorite Books that Explain Divorce to Children

When families experience divorce, our member attorneys often get questions about materials and resources that can help their children through the process. We understand that this can be a difficult and confusing time, so we suggest explaining divorce to children through storytelling. This can be done in a variety of ways, but we have seen great success through children’s books.

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Planning Your Divorce

One of the core tenets of my practice is that people need to be very thoughtful and very intentional about how they are going to go through the divorce process. If they don’t want a big nasty fight, then they need to take the steps necessary to avoid a big nasty fight. If they want to fight, so be it; that can be a valid choice. But that needs to be an intentional choice, not something you fall in to.

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