John Davis

My legal career began in estate planning. While this practice allowed me to help clients plan for the future, I realized I also wanted to help clients through other types of life challenges. My background is in the arts, musical theater and film, where success requires empathy, navigation of conflict, and creative thinking. Law school prepares attorneys to tackle legal issues, but my life experience has taught me to look for creative solutions to problems.

The Collaborative Divorce Process is that sort of creative, but legal, solution for families going through transition. I am convinced that the process is the best opportunity to protect my client’s interests. The process allows my clients to create solutions tailored to their needs and the needs of their family, without relying on a judge’s discretion.

When clients meet with me for the first time, we talk about the different options they have. We discuss their own needs and interests, which forms the foundation for future negotiations. I strive to protect my clients’ interests during the divorce and create a process where they can communicate effectively and achieve their goals, without the destruction and trauma common in traditional divorce.

I grew up in a small town near Winston-Salem, outnumbered by two wonderful sisters, and achieved the rank of Eagle Scout in a local Boy Scouts troop. I graduated from Furman University with a Bachelor of Arts in Music. I earned my law degree from Campbell Law, and a Masters of Trust and Wealth Management from the Campbell School of Business, magne cum laude.

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