Mark A. Springfield

Mark Springfield Raleigh Collaborative Divorce AttorneyIf you are having to consider divorce, for whatever reason, I think you are wise to be considering the collaborative process. For the last fifteen years I’ve dedicated my legal practice to this legal option for divorcing, because I’ve become absolutely convinced that for most couples, it’s a less destructive and less expensive approach to ending a marriage than the more traditional lawyer’s approach.

My commitment to the collaborative divorce process springs from a desire to help people resolve conflicts, even highly contentious conflicts, without carrying forward lasting animosity or bitterness. When I was a trial attorney, resolving conflicts through the court system, I was rarely able to accomplish this. In the collaborative process, I frequently am able to ensure that my clients’ interests are protected during the divorce, that they reach their goals, and that they achieve what’s most important to them, without destroying their ability to communicate positively with their former spouse.

My background includes graduating from The University of Georgia Law School with honors, having been an editor of The Georgia Law Review. After law school, I was awarded a two-year federal district court clerkship with Judge Harold L. Murphy in the Northern District of Georgia. From there, I joined Smith Anderson Blount Dorsett & Mitchell, a major regional law firm, as a trial attorney, where I practiced for over ten years. In 2001, I opened my own law practice, and in 2003 I decided to focus my practice exclusively on the collaborative divorce process. Since then I have become a Board Certified Specialist in Family Law and have trained hundreds of other North Carolina lawyers in the use of the collaborative process.

As one of the early adopters of the collaborative divorce process into my legal practice, I’m among the most experienced collaborative divorce attorneys in the country. I currently practice at Springfield Collaborative Divorce in Raleigh, NC and I would be happy to sit down with you and discuss the collaborative divorce option and whether it might be a good approach for you.

Board Certified Specialist

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