Nicole Quallen

Hi there. I’m Nicole and I have stood where you stand. I think about divorce more than anyone should and I think I know how to help you through yours.

I am a family lawyer and mediator, a mother, an ex-spouse, a co-parent, an empath, a big-hearted entrepreneur, and an advocate. Two Families Law is my heartfelt attempt to provide radically better divorce than what I see in the traditional world of litigation. It is a labor of love built to serve and support.

I earned my law degree from UNC Chapel Hill in 2010 and then began family law practice in Wake County, NC. When I worked in the traditional, adversarial divorce system (the one in the movies with the depositions and the private investigators and courtrooms), I saw a really broken process. I saw families losing money and health and peace of mind in a time when they most needed support and stability. Two Families Law is a response to this system, and a bit of a loophole around it. It’s also a practice that is built on healthy lawyers and a healthy team.

I learn from every divorcing person I meet. If you wind up on the cozy pink couch in my office, our team will welcome you with tea and an open heart. And you’re gonna be a-ok on the other side of it all.

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