Robin M. Mermans

Robin M. Mermans, Esq., is a certified mediator and licensed attorney who is passionate about collaborative law and alternative dispute resolutions. As president and CEO of ROAD to RESOLUTION, a divorce mediation and collaborative family law firm in Charlotte, Robin is dedicated to helping others during their divorce journey, saving them time and money while avoiding unnecessary emotional turmoil. Through her unique personal perspectives in divorce, co-parenting, and step-parenting, Robin is able to relate with clients and guide them on a road to resolution.

Robin’s experience and frustration with the traditional divorce model inspired her to establish ROAD to RESOLUTION, which uses a client-centered, client-controlled cooperative approach to settling issues. This process focuses on respectful communication, voluntary disclosure of all relevant information, and prioritizing the needs of children to create an enduring agreement that cultivates healthy and positive co-parenting. She received a co-parenting specialist certification from Mosten Guthrie Academy in 2022 and is committed to using this innovative child-centered approach in her work with separating parents.

As a remarried mother of five children under two separate parenting agreements, Robin also offers co-parenting guidance. She shares honest and authentic parenting advice on her blog and in several regional publications. Robin also writes about her personal experience with divorce, the reality of going from one home to two, and the benefit of creating an enduring agreement that is in the best interest of the entire family.

As an attorney licensed in North Carolina and South Carolina, Robin is a trained Collaborative Attorney and a Dispute Resolution Commission Certified Mediator. Robin uses her legal expertise as a volunteer attorney for the Council for Children’s Rights, the 26th Judicial District SelfServe Center, and the Neighborhood Advocacy Center. As a result of her commitment to providing legal services to those in need, she has been named to the North Carolina Pro Bono Honor Society.

Robin is a member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, Charlotte Collaborative Divorce Professionals, and North Carolina Collaborative Attorney Network. She also serves as a director for The Merancas Foundation and a director for Planned Parenthood South Atlantic. Robin lives in Charlotte with her husband, Andy, and their five children.

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