Our Top Recommended Podcasts to Get You Through Divorce

NC-CAN member attorneys often recommend podcasts to their clients. These free audio resources are filled with useful information that’s not only relatable but also helpful and inspiring. Some of our member attorneys have hosted or been guests on divorce-related podcasts to share their insight into the Collaborative Law process. We put together a list of some of our favorite podcasts that our member attorneys often share with their clients as they experience separation, divorce, and co-parenting.

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Ode to the Collaborative Divorce Process

As a daughter, I have forgiven, processed and mourned the loss of my foundation, my relationship with my father, my family as I knew it, my childhood home, my support system, and everything else that was destroyed during the divorce. I have forgiven my father, but as a daughter, the void in my heart remains.

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A Cautionary Tale from a Child of an Ugly Divorce

Here is a powerful story of what can happen when divorce and child custody spins out of control, from the blog of founding member Ashley-Nicole Russell:

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